One of the most emotionally challenging aspects of rescue work is being faced with an animal who has experienced an exceptionally high level of abuse/neglect. It is our belief that that every animal deserves to know what comfort, love, security and a full-belly feels like, and if they tell us that they are willing to fight for their lives, then we make a commitment to do everything in our power to ensure their survival.

Below are just a few unbelievable dogs and cats who fought through the most dire situations, and thanks to our outstanding vets, donors and supporters, have had the opportunity at life that every animal so truly deserves.



Charlie (Formerly Flapjack)

Charlie was discovered abandoned in a field, malnourished with massive trauma wounds to the face and jaw (most likely inflicted by another dog). After two reconstructive surgeries and a three-week recovery program, he was adopted by a wonderful family and now knows nothing but love and care.

Charlie Before
Charlie After
Charlie 2
Charlie After




Gumdrop was just a baby with her face covered in cigarette and chemical burns when we rescued her from a local animal control facility. With the help of lots of antibiotics, love, and the miraculous healing powers of Res Q Organics cream – Gumdrop now loves life with her new family and barely shows any traces of her past scars.

Gumdrop Before
Gumdrop After
Gumdrop 1
Gumdrop 3


Flip Flop

Flip Flop was one of the most stunning, FIV+ cuddle buddies that we ever met! He was discovered in a backyard with large, open wounds to his legs and underbelly, and unable to open his eyes. We fell in love immediately and had to help him. After treating his wounds and having entropian surgery performed on both eyes, he was adopted by one of our absolute favorite volunteers! Now cuddling and getting hugs is Flip Flops full-time reality!


Flipflop Before
Flipflop After
Flip Flop 1
Flip Flop 2




Sheba broke our hearts the second we saw her – collapsed and dying from the Parvo-virus at a local animal control facility. After two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and the unwavering will to live, Sheba stunned us all by not only recovering in record time, but blossoming into the most incredible family pet. Thanks to one of the nicest families we’ve ever met (who not only fostered Sheba through her recovery period, but ultimately adopted her) – Sheba now lives the life that every animal dreams of having!


Sheba Before
Sheba After
Sheba 1
Sheba 3


Timber joined the F&C family as an extremely malnourished puppy and proved to be an exceptionally challenging medical case. After ingesting what was later believed to be rat poison, Timber required nearly three weeks in the ICU while he underwent two blood transfusions. After failing to thrive in the ICU and seeming like the end was inevitable, Timber came back to F&C to receive emotional healing and hospice care. Within a week, his health improved so drastically thanks to the combination of medical and emotional care, that he was able to go into foster care where his weight more than doubled (from 21lbs to 42lbs) and he knows nothing but love, a full belly, and pure joy!


Timber Before
Timber After
Timber 2
Timber 5


Willow (the inspiration behind Willow’s Fund) touched the world with her story of survival. After being discovered in an alley, starved, frozen and unable to stand, she was brought to a local animal control to be euthanized. We received a call in the middle of the night with a plea to help this girl. Through intense hospitalization and the best medical care, Willow made a recovery that no one saw coming. She blossomed into a playful, affectionate, unbelievably smart, well-socialized girl who now spends her day playing in the river and basking in the sun with her new mom.


Willow Before
Willow After
Willow 1
Willow 4


Pretzel defied all odds and survived one of the most traumatic experiences we’ve ever encountered. After being hit by a car and surviving on the streets for nearly three weeks with no mobility from the waist down and infection ravaging his then eight-pound body, Pretzel never should have survived. After four massive surgeries to repair a broken spine, broken and detached pelvis, broken front leg, and amputated rear leg, Pretzel learned to walk again, gained more than six pounds, and was adopted by a family who loves him with all their hearts. He now spends his days lounging in the sun with his two Felines & Canines alumni siblings, two new babies, and awesome parents!


Pretzel Before
Pretzel After
Pretzel 1
Pretzel 5


Priscilla was surrendered to our shelter as an eight-month-old puppy who had a shattered front leg after a child had dropped her and the family was unable to give her medical care. The leg had healed so poorly that it was rendered useless and had to be amputated. She is now a three-legged speed racer who loves being dressed up by her new mom and living a 100% pain-free life!


Priscilla Before
Priscilla After
Priscilla 1
Priscilla 3

Clark Kent

The level of abuse that Clark Kent had experienced at the hands of his previous “family” was unfathomable. We knew that due to the extent of his previous abuse his odds of survival were very slim, but could not allow him to leave this earth without knowing what love, kindness, and comfort felt like. After removing the matts that impaired his vision and left his body covered with terrible sores, Clark Kent spent his last two weeks on earth cuddling in our laps, rolling in the sand and dipping his toes in Lake Michigan, and dining on bacon cheeseburgers (his absolute favorite!) Clark Kent’s loss was devastating to all of us who loved him so deeply, but having the opportunity to give him peace, love and comfort at the end of life is something that we see immeasurable importance and dignity in.


Clark Kent Before
Clark Kent  After
Clark Kent 1
Clark Kent 2


We rescued Rotini at the same time we rescued Clark Kent, and are thrilled to share that his story is one of great success. After allowing us to treat his wounds and infections, in conjunction with a high-quality diet, abundant emotional care, and one of the greatest grooming jobs of all time, Rotini blossomed into a goofy, fun-loving pup all over again! He now enjoys hogging his adoptive parents bed, taking long walks, and partying at the dog beach!


Rotini Before
Rotini After
Rotini 1
Rotini 2


Little Louie was just begging for help when we saw him at a local intake facility. Despite his terribly matted fur and neglected body, he was full of love and joy. With a combination of outstanding medical care, some serious TLC, and a much-needed haircut, Louie was feeling much better within a week and able to go home to his new forever family!

Louie Before
Louie After
Louie 1
Louie 2