Cat-in-a-colorful-cube-300x200As the very first shelter in Chicago to not only rescue, but successfully integrate FIV+ cats into our general population, Felines & Canines (under the leadership of Executive Director, Abby Smith) has broken barriers and made monumental steps towards changing the way the animal welfare community views the stigma of FIV. As the President of the Illinois Animal Welfare Federation (IAWF) and one of the founding members of the Chicagoland Animal Shelter Alliance (CASA) – Abby is a persistent voice for FIV+ cats, encouraging fellow-rescues to expand their views and re-evaluate their policies on the intake, housing, and adoption of these amazing cats. We are the voices for these animals and it’s time to come together to make this change.

Please check out our 2014 Newsletter highlighting our “Combatting The FIV Stigma” article.